Sunday, May 11, 2008

Field Day

If you like activities, games, relays, races, and more (WAIT! DON'T FORGET POPSICLES!) you should have came to Field Day. On May 9th Bridlewood Elementary had Field Day. An awesome part of the day when everyone quits work and has a lot of fun. My class was the last class to do the stations, so when we did the water station, since it was sooooo hot,

It was so much fun. If you were there you would get it. Can't wait to see you all again! It's fun making friends but it's hard not to miss all of you!

Hoping to write some more,

(p.s. I don't have a picture. Sorry!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my journal(you)

i am liking my school o so much. i have a friend named Makena, a friend named Madison, and a teacher named Ms. Sander who i have invited to my sisters baptism (i am beeing a missionary!la la la la la la la )i am doing o.k. for being new don't u think? don't answer i know, here are some pics.

to pic 1 i say:take that aqa scum!
to pic 2 i say:homework! uggg!
to pic 3 i say:o ya! muuuud!
to pic 4 i say:u r soft. dooo uuuu uunnddderrrsstaaannndddd meeee?
well bye! i must go eat dinner. quiche. yuck!:(

Downing Diamondbacks: My new school

Pizza for lunch, Texan accents everywhere, and a giant painting of a snake in the cafeteria. Put it all together and you have Downing Middle School, my new school. A former air force pilot as a history teacher and a 5 ft., Vietnamese English teacher are just a few of the unique people at my school. My best friend's name is Ross Bone. My other best friend is Tony, a rich orphan who lives with his aunt and uncle, and is the size of a mammoth.(don't tell him I said that, he'd eat me for "cold" lunch.) No one has been able to categorize me yet. I'm friends with the rejects, also known as Ross' group (no, he's not a goth, he's really nice), I've hit the biggest home run in P.E., so I'm sort of a jock, and my favorite hobby is drawing. In other words, I'm a middle school hybrid. But, because of this I'm bringing it all together. Who knows, I may be the first in a new middle-school species!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am so exited for my baptism! My W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L grandma sent me a LOVELY letter about when I was just a new baby. She wrote down how cute and fussy I was. She told me what scriptures were available and asked to tell what kind I liked best. Her letter was just about six pages long! Was that nice or what? Besides the letter were two WebKinz ones a pig (sweet and awesome right, right?) the next ones an elephant (Masons begging for it, I don't blame him.) other wise those is a card game, a dress

The next present the most important one, the gift of the holy ghost. It might sound like much of a big deal, but it is to me. You might think, oh, Madis getting the holy ghost, but to me its, I'M GETTING BAPTIZED! Yep and there you have it my way of my baptism. My very special baptism.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Battle of Bed River

One day, Mason the Sage was walking along Bed River when he saw the Princess's Square Boat and assembled his rugby squad." OK," he said," We are going to do some training. Go and attack that Boat!" A large battle ensued and Mason fought with his sword valiantly, Madi hid behind her squad, and Porter th Werewolf, who was "just passing by" added trouble with his own squad. About a half an hour later Porter and Madi's squads were on the ground and Mason was victorious.
Madi= Madi Graham
Mason= Mason Graham
Porter the Werewolf= Porter Graham
To be continued...

PS. I am thinking of making a comic book of these blogs.

The Great Land of Fairy (African) tales

Once upon a time there was a land called the Great Land of Fairy (African) Tales. Here lived John King (Dad), the king of the Wizards, Queen Katie (Mom), Mason the Sage ( Mason Graham), who was the Lord of the great Rugby Stadium, Captain and wing of the Blue Trolls, and who was able to KO a ogre less than 2 seconds, Brynley the Warrior Princess (Brynley Graham), Madi (Madi Graham), her sister and Princess of the Square Table, Porter the Man-Eating Werewolf(Porter Graham), who ate orcs by the pound, was the hooker and captain of the Orcboks, and played rugby, Molly the Yellow Hood (or the hoodlum Molly Yellowhood) (Molly Graham), and Lucy Twinklediaper (Lucy Graham), Molly's right hand screamer. They all lived in perfect chaos (You think we could have harmony with two hoodlums like Molly and Lucy?!) and had plenty of fights, such as the Battle of Couch Hill, located in the land of TV 'Oom.


The Big Bad Pool

Once upon a time, there were two little girls named Molly Yellowhood and Lucy Tinkerdiaper. Molly got into lots of trouble. Lucy just did whatever Molly did. One day, Molly went to the neighboring family's backyard. There they found the Big Bad Pool, that almost swooped them up in a flurry of water, when Sipo, the Super Gardner caught them and took them to their mom, Queen Katie, with the help of Mason the Sage.

PS Yes, they did get in biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble